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From Dusk Till Dawn poster

The Film: From Dusk Till Dawn; Kill Bill; Death Proof

Played by: Long time character actor, Michael Parks

A persistent presence in the Tarantino universe, Texas Ranger Earl Parks brings his skills of detection to the aftermath of The Bride’s attempted murder, and Stuntman Mike’s auto carnage with a no bullshit entertaining clarity.  

Jackie Brown poster

The Film: Jackie Brown

Played by: Blaxploitaion queen, Pam Grier

Originally written as Caucasian in Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch, Tarantino’s adaptation saw sex bomb blaxploitation queen Pam Grier cast in the title role of Jackie Brown, a flight attendant who coolly plays the law and crims for suckers in a bid to snag a bag full of money.  


Inglorious Basterds poster

The Film: Inglourious Basterds

Played by: Austrian actor Christoph Waltz

Giving humour and intelligence to what could have been a stock Nazi heavy, Christopher Waltz’s SS Colonel Landa is a charming, brutish, and above all persistent villain, whose appearance on screen evokes fear and yet his is missed when gone.

Reservior Dogs poster

The Film: Reservoir Dogs

Played by: Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel has played his fair share of crims, but not many are as memorable as his Mr. White, the professional bank robber whose old school rules places him in a dangerously conflicted position.  


Pulp Fiction poster

The Film: Pulp Fiction

Played by: John Travolta

Tarantino’s hitman junkie who features predominantly in his Pulp Fiction, offered down on his luck John Travolta the chance to start anew with a disarmingly cool, albeit stubbornly dangerous gangster whose riffs on all things Amsterdam gave way to a slew of filmmakers to wax on about the most banal of subjects.


Pulp Fiction poster

The Film: Pulp Fiction

Played by: Harvey Keitel

A quentisentially Tarantino creation, this fast talking, fast driving, and super organised “cleaner” is brilliantly played by Harvey Keitel, and proves any role in a Quentin Tarantino film is larger than life.


True Romance poster

The Film: True Romance

Played by: Brad Pitt

The fact that Brad Pitt’s stoner manages to stand out amongst the packed roster of talent in Tony Scott’s Tarantino scripted True Romance, is a tribute to Pitt’s talents as a gifted comedic actor who makes the smallest role memorable.

Reservior Dogs poster

The Film: Reservoir Dogs

Played by: Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi won a legion of fans thanks to his performance as the fast talking tight ass Mr. Pink in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, refusing to tip waitresses while insisting that there is a rat in the house.


Kill Bill poster

The Film: Kill Bill Vol.1; Kill Bill Vol.2

Played by: Uma Thurman

Decked out in Bruce Lee inspired yellow motorbike attire, the eternally beautiful Uma Thurman’s “roaring rampage of revenge” slices and dices through her enemies in order to Kill Bill, and does it all in deadly style.    


Pulp Fiction poster

The Film: Pulp Fiction

Played by: Samuel L. Jackson

The role that made Samuel L. Jackson a superstar and “motherfucker” a part of the common lingo, Jules Winnfield represented all that was infectiously cool about Pulp Fiction, while also providing a spiritual pulse to a film which was blasted for not having one redeeming quality in it.  



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