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The Film: Rocknrolla (2008)

Played By: BAFTA Award winning and twice Oscar nominated character actor, Tom Wilkinson

Although Lenny Cole contains all of the qualities of a stock Ritchie heavy (old, mean, and violent), Tom Wilkinson fills his character with an appealing no BS attitude, making it is hard not to like the old school gangster who is as equally ruthless as he is smooth.  

Best Line: “He tried to poison me, that dirty Cossack!”




The Film: Snatch (2000)

Played By: TV and film journey man Stephen Graham

Although Tommy may be a bit daft, he is never the less the most likeable of Ritchie’s hustlers. Whether being put in his place by the snarling Brick Top, or taken for a ride by loveable Pikey Mickey, Tommy evokes the viewers empathy to the point where, when asking Brick Top’s thugs whether he has “the minerals” to blow their face off with his faulty hand cannon, you can’t help but silently cheer for the fool.

Best Line: “Go ahead. You want to see if I've got the minerals? “ 





The Film: Rocknrolla (2008)

Played By: Burgeoning character actor Mark Strong

Archie is perhaps the smoothest gangster in Ritchie’s arsenal. Played to perfection by Mark Strong, Lenny Cole’s right hand man has a keen eye for deception that is as sharp as his dress sense. Not a man to be messed with, but definitely the man you want to see if you want to learn the fine art of the slap.   

Best Line: “Keep your receipts, cos this ain't the Mafia.”




The Film: Revolver (2005)

Played By: Once again, Mark Strong

There are a few shining points in Ritchie’s confusing crime psych-out Revolver, and one of them is Mark Strong’s stuttering hit man, Sorter. Looking more like your stereotypical American middle class suburban dad, Sorter’s deceptive guise leaves his targets ignorant to the fact that their fates are about to be sealed, by a man who never misses his mark.   

Best Line: “Ch-Check she’s dead.”




The Film: Snatch (2000)

Played By: Serbo/Croat character actor Rade Serbedzija

Ritchie loves his Russians sneaky, brutal, and invulnerable, which is exactly what Snatch’s Boris the Blade- the Godfather of Ritchie’s Russkies - is. Also known as “The Bullet Dodger”, Boris leaves his enemies in constant shock at his ability to survive all matter of death inflicting injury, and keeps coming back for more.

Best Line: “(referring to Tommy's gun) Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. If it doesn't work you can always hit them with it.”





The Film: Snatch (2000)

Played By: Action man and Richie regular Jason Statham

What is a Guy Ritchie list without Jason Statham? Playing De Niro to Ritchie’s Scorsese, Statham has appeared in three of Ritchie’s five feature films. Yet while his best performance was in Revolver, the best character he has had to portray was Turkish, a tough talking unlicensed boxing promoter who –due to the actions of Irish Gypsy Mickey – finds himself in debt to the menacing Brock Top.

Best Line: (Answering Tommy’s question) “Yes, before ‘Zee Germans" get there.”





The Film: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Played By: British television and film actor Vas Blackwood

Making his presence known early in Lock, Stock..., by calmly setting a man alight after he dared interrupt his football match, the small in stature Rory Breaker -complete with large afro and a crazy bug eyes- may look like funny, but is not a man to be messed with.

Best Line: “If the milk turns out to be sour, I ain’t the kind of pussy to drink it”




The Film: Snatch (2000)

Played By: The criminally under used Alan Ford

Stuck with a permanent grimace, a filthy mouth (even by Guy Ritchie standards), and an unhealthy tendency to dispatch his victims by feeding them to pigs, Brick Top is the meanest bastard yet in Ritchie’s canon of gangsters.

Best Line: “Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible cunt... me.”





The Film: Snatch (2000)

Played By: Hollywood heartthrob, superstar, and top thespian, Brad Pitt

A bare knuckled boxing champion with a confusing, thick Irish accent' and an arm able to lay out any opponent with one punch; Irish Gypsy –or Pikey – Mickey O’Neil is trouble for all who come into contact with him.

Best Line: “(roused from his drunken stupor) I need to have a shite!”





The Film: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Played By: Former notorious professional soccer player/ hooligan turned Hollywood hard man, Vinnie Jones

An enforcer/ collector for big boss man “Hatchett” Harry, Big Chris dispenses pain on those who do not pay their debts in an orderly and fashionable manner. Yet the most striking thing about Big Chris is his bond with his son and apprentice Little Chris (Peter McNicholl), who is forbidden from cursing and blasphemy,  and must wear a seat belt at all times. And may Heaven help you if you lay one finger on Little Chris’s head, unless you want to know what it feels like to have your head repeatedly battered by a car door.    

Best Line: “It’s been emotional.”




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