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Why it could work: With acclaimed thespians such as Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr., and Edward Norton taking on superhero roles, why not Ryan Gosling as Captain America? He does not seem to be an actor who is afraid to tackle different roles, and whatever he may lack in the physical side of things he can surely attain with his method style of acting.

How it could fail: It may sound like an interesting experiment, but it just does not seem like the type of role Gosling would take on, and Captain America fans would not find him to be the best choice.




Why it could work: This popular Australian actor has played support in a number of bug budget films, such as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and 300. He has the look and physique to play the role, not to mention he is a great actor.

How it could fail: The idea of a non-American playing the ultimate American hero could ruffle feathers. Also, he does not have a marquee name to headline such a big project.



Why it could work: After his stretch at playing Mr. Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe has broken out with an impressive stretch of dramatic roles in films such as Crash, Flags of Our Fathers, and Breach. Captain America would be the ideal big budget action film for Phillippe, who has the acting chops and look to play the role.

How it could fail: He has yet to headline a big budget action film, and while he is in good shape, he does not make for an imposing super soldier.


Why it could work: A former model turned actor who has appeared in films such as Stop Loss and Step Up, Channing Tatum has those all American looks and the figure to pull the role off. If producers are looking for young talent, he would be an ideal candidate.

How it could fail: His inexperience could cost him.


Brad Pitt image Why it could work: He has been linked to the role for a while now, and has the look, physique, acting talent, and star power to headline such a film.

How it could fail: Pitt is getting on in his age, and he has dropped hints that he does not wish to pursue any more action roles.


Why it could work: Over the years, Matt Damon has proved himself to be a versatile and bankable actor who is more than able to kick butt on screen, as evident in the Bourne series. Also, he has the look, size, and stature to convincingly play the role.

How it could fail: He already has a credible and profitable franchise with the Bourne movies. Also, he has been tipped to play the Green Arrow in David S. Goyer's Super Max.


Why it could work: Aaron Eckhart contains a weapon that stands him apart from other challengers to the shield: a cleft chin that would make Bruce Campbell blush! Along with his blonde hair, blue eyes, size, and acting talent, Eckhart could be the ideal Captain America.

How it could fail: Eckhart has already been cast in another comic book film, playing Harvey Dent / Two Face in The Dark Knight. And if the career of Halle Berry is any indication, playing multiple comic book characters is not a wise career move.


Why it could work: Thomas Jane is a solid actor who suits the look and physique of Captain America perfectly. He is a hard worker, and if cast Jane will no doubt become Hollywood's new action superstar.

How it could fail: He has already played a Marvel character in The Punisher, and while his performance was met with some acclaim, the film itself did not set the world on fire.


Why it could work: Matthew McConaughey has yet to find a role which can play at his strengths as a handsome, rugged, and physically imposing leading man. Captain America could be it.

How it could fail: Unfortunately, his poor choice of roles and tendency to take off his shirt at every single occasion without fail has McConaughey viewed as something of a joke. Also, his southern tang can be a distraction.


Why it could work: With his blonde locks, crystal blue eyes, lean yet muscular frame, and all American charm, Walker suits the look of the character to a t. He has enough of a marquee name to put bums on the seats, and has worked in action films before (The Fast and the Furious, Into the Blue). However, he has yet to find a role which could launch him into the stratosphere. This could be it.

How it could fail: The wisdom and leadership of Captain America may be lost upon Walker, who has never projected a leadership vibe. Maybe this role could change that.



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