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Written by Matthew Pejkovic


2011 is set to release a record 26 sequels, with the majority not worth the price of admission.

While sequels are an inevitable part of the Hollywood machine, usually they are follow ups to unworthy films which barely passed the first time around.

However, the following are sequels which Matt’s Movie Reviews would pay good money to see, especially if they live up to the reputations of their predecessors.



Departed image

Infernal Affairs, of which The Departed was a remake, birthed a sequel and a prequel to become a one of a kind crime trilogy. The Departed should follow suit with another Boston based crime epic, featuring new characters (which is essential considering everyone from the first film is dead), a screenplay by William Monaghan, and Martin Scorsese back in the director’s chair.




Serenity image

The space based western Serenity was essentially a final chapter to Joss Whedon’s cancelled Firefly TV series, yet that doesn’t mean it should end what could be the next great sci-fi franchise. With Whedon working on the sure to be successful Avengers movie, perhaps he could persuade a studio to back a sequel to Serenity.




The Fighter image

It will take more than one Oscar nominated movie to tell the full story of boxing champ “Irish” Mickey Ward. While The Fighter brilliantly told the story of brother Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and Dickie Eckland (Christian Bale) and their triumphs over adversity, a sequel will be needed to venture into Ward’s rivalry with the equally great Arturo Gatti, whose three slugfests have gone down as some of the best in recent times. With The Fighter’s stars bathing in awards gold and career best praises, actor/producer Mark Wahlberg’s chances of getting the, back for another round are good.




Passion of the Christ image

The highest grossing R rated film of all time, The Passion of the Christ proved to be director Mel Gibson’s most successful artistic achievement and lynchpin for his very public downward spiral. Could a follow up film put him back on top? There are still many avenues to explore in the life of Christ. Perhaps a prequel exploring his birth and life pre-crucifixion, followed by a sequel chronicling the influence of a resurrected Jesus  on his disciples and their subsequent spiritual visions, would be an ideal way to follow The Passion of the Christ, and resurrect Gibson’s career.




Anchorman image

Ron Burgundy and his trademark moustache has burrowed himself in the hearts and minds of comedy fans everywhere, with Anchorman an essential part of any DVD collection. A sequel has been in demand for quite some time, yet has never come to fruition, mainly due to a spiralling budget with supporting players Paul Rudd and Steve Carrel now full fledged comedy stars. Hopefully, director Adam McKay and star Will Ferrell can convince Paramount to cough up the extra dough needed to make this happen. With the dire comedy climate, Anchorman 2 is needed more than ever.




The Expendables image

Sylvester Stallone fulfilled the dreams of action fans in his assemblage if action superstars Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Bruce Willis (amongst many others) in the ripping men on a mission thriller, The Expendables. A success at the box office and on DVD, it is inevitable that s sequel will be made, and with its potential as a money maker be sure to see more action stars clamouring to sign up, with hope that recently unretired Arnold Schwarzenegger and the always bad ass Chuck Norris join Sly and co.




American Gangster

The Denzel Washington / Russell Crowe crime thriller American Gangster, brilliantly told the rise and fall of drug kingpin Frank Lucas, and the incorruptible New Jersey cop Richie Robin who took him down. Yet it’s what followed afterwards that could prove to be the better movie, as Robbins – now a defence attorney – represented Lucas in court, and together they took on a corrupt police force which led to one of the biggest crackdowns in NYPD history. A thrilling court room drama and expose could be made from this fascinating piece of crime history, and this time Washington and Crowe will share every scene.    


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