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Filmink Refilming History
Written by Matthew Pejkovic
Illustration by Richard De Carvalho, courtesy of FilmInk Magazine

The August issue of FilmInk Magazine, featured an article I wrote entitled "Refliming History".

In it I listed 12 examples of movies which played loose with historical fact and generated controvesry because of it.

Some of those films were Braveheart, Titanic, A Beautiful Mind, and The Alamo (the John Wayne version, of course.)

Filmink August 2010

Not long after the issue was published, I received a flood of offers from varied radio stations to talk about my article.

Out of the dozen or so radio appearances, I have posted 3 below for you, my loyal readers.

So sit back and listen to the smooth sounds of my voice as I wax historical innacuracies in cinema.


ABC Tasmania Stateside Evenings with Annie Warburton
Talking the films of Mel Gibson, A Beautiful Mind, Titanic plus many more


MTR (Melbourne Tonight Radio) with Luke Grant
Discussing Titanic, The Hurricane & Cinderella Man


Radio 4BC QLD Weekend Nights with Joel Helmes
Chatting A Beautiful Mind, Inglorious Basterds, Braveheart plus more


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Hollywood Feuds
Danny Trejo
The Great Roles of Danny Trejo
Matrix Neo
Unlikely Action Heroes

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