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Written by Matthew Pejkovic

Romancing the Stone gave it life back in 1984. True Lies gave it balls in 1994. Mr. & Mrs. Smith made it in vogue again in 2005.

Now in 2010, a cascade of rom-com-action movies have hit the multilplexes with quicker succession than a clip of ammo fired towards the screen.

Unfortunately for the film going public, most of these films were dead on arrival. Luckily, Matt’s Movie Reviews has taken a bullet for the uninitiated, and is here in (barely) good nick to present which of these films deliver on their promise of big stars and big thrills, and which, well, sucked.



The Bounty Hunter poster

The Plot
Milo is an ex-cop turned bounty hunter with gambling debts to pay. Nicole is a journalist working a big case and is also Milo’s ex-wife. Due to circumstances not worth getting into, she becomes a fugitive and Milo is charged with the task of bringing her in. They bicker, flirt, fight crime, and fall back in love, in that order. Filling in the gaps is a nonsensical story about police corruption.

The Protagonists
Proving that taste has no bounds, one time beloved Scotsman Gerard Butler manages to outdo his turn in The Ugly Truth and prove that comedic timing and an American accent are beyond his reach. Joining him is former sitcom star Jennifer Aniston, still vying for that post-Friends breakout role she is supposed to have reached years ago. This film does not do her any favours.   

The Chemistry
Several tabloid rags reported a supposed love affair on set, most probably at the urging of the films marketing people. Yet if The Bounty Hunter is any indication, than the chemistry here holds as much credibility as the tabloids that follow their every move.  

The Action
The Bounty Hunter needed a bit of Dog the Bounty Hunter to save it from its boring approach to action spectacle, mainly featuring Butler shooting a gun at an assortment of bad guys while Aniston cobbles along in her high heels. A lone scene worth noting is Aniston knocking out Butler cold with a taser, but that only brings up feelings of envy rather than entertainment.

The Final Verdict
That question is answered within the first minute, when a punch to the balls stands tall as an indicator of exactly what type of film the viewer should expect: a stomach curling low blow void of intelligence and creativity.



Date Night poster

The Plot
The Fosters are married couple whose work and family lives have put out the spark in their relationship. A change of routine in their one night of freedom – date night – sees the Jersey suburbanites travel into New York City for a night of trendy dining. What follows is a series of off the cuff plot points involving mistaken identity, hoods packing heat giving chase through the city, and other crime movie clichés involving corruption in the upper echelons of power.

The Protagonists
Steve Carell and Tina Fey, two of America’s best comedic talents working today, are brilliantly matched as the Fosters, saving the films dotting plot with their key comedic timing and improvisations.   

The Chemistry
From all of the pairings of this list, Carell and Fey surprisingly have the most chemistry, yet it is not of the sexual kind but the comedic, the pair riffing off each other with expert ease while playing suburban squares delving deeper into the seedy underbelly of New York City, with the wilder the scenarios the better the pay off.

The Action
Nothing really worth bragging about, although a nicely sequenced piece of John Landis inspired auto carnage is a highlight.

The Final Verdict
It is not the best thing Carell and Fey have put to celluloid, but there performances coupled with a steady stream of cameos from the likes of Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, and Mila Kulis makes Date Night a film worth watching.



Killers poster

The Plot
Former CIA hitman Spencer Aimes is living a life of middle class bliss with his pristine wife Jen. That is until The Company come hunting for his head and reveals his true identity. Hubby and wife try to fight off the bad guys, who seem to come from everywhere. A lot of people die. No one gives a shit.

The Protagonists
Believing that The Ugly Truth wasn’t enough torture for one lifetime, Katherine Heigl takes another crack at the whole rom-com thing, this time teaming up with Ashton Kutcher, perhaps the worst actor in the history of modern cinema to be cast in the role of a suave assassin. Granted, they may be the prettiest couple on this list, yet looks –as always- are deceiving.

The Chemistry
Wanning is the chemistry in this film, that two mannequins could generate more heat.  

The Action
Much like its inspiration Mr. & Mrs. Smith, most of the action takes place in middle class suburbia, and while there are a few moments of energy, most of the action found in Killers is lagging.  

The Final Verdict
Thus far, it is on par with The Bounty Hunter as the worst film of 2010.



Knight and Day poster

The Plot
Rogue secret agent Roy Miller ropes in Bostonian car mechanic June in a never ending roller coaster of espionage and gunfire, as everyone from Government officials (Peter Sarsgaard) to Spanish arms dealers (Jordi Molla) tries to track them down and obtain a precious cargo in their possession.

The Protagonists
Some mega star wattage here, as Tom Cruise brings his intense charm to the role of Roy Miller, sending up his action persona, while Cameron Diaz does her loopy shtick to perfection.

The Chemistry
The pairing of Cruise and Diaz (there second after Vanilla Sky) works very well, her bubbly vibe meshing with his charming intensity.

The Action
The action sequences in Knight and Day have much more of a pop when compared to the films on this list, mostly due to Cruise’s involvement and James Mangold’s breezy direction. It’s just unfortunate that a crappy display of CGI undercut many of its good action moments, i.e. the finale set during Spain’s Rrunning of the Bulls.

The Final Verdict
With Cruise in top form, kicking arse and cracking jokes, and with Diaz playing the perfect counter, Knight & Day succeeds as a buddy action romance. May it be the last.  


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